How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Next Concert the Right Way

Are you using Facebook Ads to promote your concerts?

If so, there is an insanely simple tweak you can make to the target audience that will make the ad much more effective.

If you're not using Facebook Ads to promote your concerts, these steps will show you how simple it can be to use them effectively right out of the gates!

This simple tactic works whether you are a band, manager, or promoter. Doesn’t matter. The only requirement for this to work is that you are promoting a concert in an area where people haven’t heard of your band. 

(Technically, it works in areas where people have heard of your band, too).)

For anyone who’s promoted a concert in a new area, you know exactly how frustrating it can be to get fresh faces in the audience even if you’re using Facebook Ads to target the right people geographically.

How about a 13X ROI on your ads for less money?

When Arizona concert promoter/death metal drummer, Paul Sokol, made this change to his Facebook Ads, he instantly started seeing a massive improvement in his Event Responses and the cost of his ads went down.

Here's a screenshot from Paul's Facebook Ads account that he texted to me just a few days ago... 

In case you didn't catch those numbers... 

Before the strategy: $10.88 spent for ZERO event responses

After ​the strategy: $8.20 spent for 13 event responses!

That's a 13X ROI from one simple tweak!​

So what is the strategy?

Simple: Target your Ad to people who are fans of similar bands/musicians and mention that band/musician in your ads.

How do you do it?

I'm glad you asked, amigo!

Step 1: Open up Facebook from a desktop or laptop.

You can do this from a phone or tablet, too. I just find it’s easier to do on a bigger screen.

Step 2: In the search bar at the top of the screen, enter: "Musicians liked by people who like [your band name]"

For example, if I were promoting a concert for Provo, UT locals The Strike, I would enter the phrase “Musicians liked by people who like The Strike."

Step 3: Narrow your search to Pages by clicking the Pages option at the top of the screen. And enter the Top 5 results into a word doc or other text editor.

It's crucial that you spell the page names exactly as they appear, or else the next step won't work. Feel free to just copy and paste them it's easier.

Step 4: Add the band/musician names to the Detailed Targeting section of your Facebook Ad.

When you’re creating your ad in Facebook, enter the band names from Step #3 into the Detailed Targeting section. Only enter one name at a time and make sure it’s spelled the exact same way as their page name is. If the page is large enough, you’ll see it appear as an option in the drop-down menu. If it’s not large enough, the page won’t appear in the drop-down menu and you won’t be able to select it.

Step 5: Only keep ONE band/musician name (this is important).

Either use the band/musician that has the largest audience size, or use the one whose music is most similar to yours. You'll see the audience size in a box that pops up on the right side after you enter the name into the search box.

Step 6: Incorporate that band/musician name into your Ad Creative.

When you create your ad copy, say something that connects your band to the fans of the band/artist you’re targeting. Like this...

-“If you like Neon Trees, you might dig The Strike”

-“Fans of Neon Trees love The Strike”

Here's an example of how Paul Sokol did this in his ad:

Bonus Points if you use "Event Responses" as you ad objective to promote the Facebook Event itself.

That way, when people click the "Going" status for your event, you'll be able to communicate with them for free when you post updates directly in the Event Page. This is rad.

EXTRA BONUS POINTS if you use a live video of your band in the ad. Nothing will help sway someone more than seeing how amazing you sound live!

That’s it! I said it was simple and I meant it!

Have you ever done this sort of targeting before or do you plan to try it out? Let me know in the comments below.

And as always, if you have questions about this strategy, come on over to the Digital Boost Facebook Page and hit us up!


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