11 Social Media Content Ideas For Bands and Musicians

Looking for new content or post ideas that you can share on your Facebook Page or other social platforms? 

If you're an independent artist, working a day job, and pursuing your music dreams on the side, these ideas will save you precious time!

Facebook Marketing for bands and musicians doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it can be easy with the right system in place. 

And let's be honest, it's freaking 2016 so you know how important it is to regularly share engaging content on the social webs. 

The examples in this post were all pulled from Facebook but most of them could be used on any social network

So the next time you're sitting down to post content to your page, use the ideas in this post to get some quick inspiration and you'll smash "content writing block" in the face. 

1 - The 360 Candid Band Photo

Example used from Fictionist. 

This one is easy and cool. A simple 360 photo of band practice, hanging out in the green room, songwriting sessions, etc... It's a fun and inventive way to give your fans a behind-the-scenes peek at your brand. Here's how to do it. 

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2 - The Happy Birthday Shout Out

Example used from RKDN

Nothing too fancy here. Post pictures of your band members, co-writers, producer, manager, etc on their day of birth. It's another simple way to connect to your fans (and to get a few more HBDs in the mix!)

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3 - The National/International Day Post

Example used from RALPH

There are literally thousands of "National/International Days" like this post from RALPH for International Women's Day. Check out this calendar and go to town!

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4 - The Pre-Show Warmup Video

Example used from Tigertown

Give your fans a sneak peak of your pre-show warm up rituals or other shenanigans. You can record and post the video straight from your phone OR even better... Do a Facebook Live Video! Your fans will be staring at their phones while they wait in the audience anyway, this will just start the show a little earlier!

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5 - The Picture of a Picture Post

Example used from Beach Tiger

The Facebook News Feed is filled with images and videos taken with a smartphone so posting a "picture of a picture" like this example is one quick way to make your post stand out and inject some extra creativity into your brand. 

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6 - The Setlist Post

Example used from Russ

Get your fans stoked for your show by sharing your setlist beforehand. Bonus points if you leave a spot blank and ask your fans to comment with the song they want added!

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7 - Share Your Snaps on Facebook

Example used from Kacey Musgraves

Get extra mileage from your Snaps by repurposing them on Facebook. 

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8 - The Quote Image

Example used from Kevin Gates

Quote images are pretty common on social media... That's because they create great engagement! Share quotes that are meaningful to you and your bandmates or quotes that inspire new songs. Use a site like canva.com to easily create them. 

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9 - The Audience Shenanigans Post

Example used from Big Grams

Keep an eye out for funny pictures or videos that your fans post during your shows then share them from your page. Click the link below to experience how funny these can be... 

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28 Social Media Content Ideas For Bands and Musicians

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